Lorelyn Hechtman and Ken Jordan Accepting an Award from the Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce for Non-Profit of the Year – 2021


Our Mission

“Feeding the Hungry in Partnership with Our Community”

The Rio Vista Food Pantry is leading the fight for so many of our neighbors who are struggling to meet basic needs, and facing hunger on a daily basis. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. We provide over 500 bags of food each month.

Because of your support and partnership, we are able to store and distribute donated and purchased perishable and nonperishable food items. It really doesn’t matter to us why someone is hungry, but it is important to us to create an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Our efforts are funded by contributions from individuals, groups, churches, businesses, and organizations in the Rio Vista and surrounding areas. One of our goals is to increase the distribution of fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein to ensure balanced meals. Please know your donation makes a real difference in the lives of hungry families, and helps them gather around their tables for a wholesome meal.

As a new effort to increase the amount of fresh produce we distribute, we have joined forces with ‘The Urban Farmers’ organization to ‘glean’ fresh fruits and vegetables from residential growers and farmers. You can help by registering to pick or to have your excess produce picked and donated to or pantry. If you would like to find out more about this effort, please visit their website at http://www.theurbanfarmers.org/.